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The Mirror and The Knave starts out with the expected folk/punk vibe of the accordion and scratching guitars , but soon transforms into something very similar to Rise Against with the more prominent electric guitar by Sean Barron and the gruff vocal tones coming from lead vocalist Les Bainbridge, as well as the instrumental hooks and overall vocal melodies. The song brings back a more folk vibe during the choruses, but manages to hold its own all the way through. The style of the bridge diverges from the fast pace of the track, to a softer, gentler sound, which then starts to build again and explodes with a raspy vocal boom and one last heavy hitting chorus. Overall the song is an interesting mixture of similar genres, (contorting the boundaries as the band puts it) but it works.

Underoath – ‘On My Teeth’ Single Review


This Pretoria based punk rock band has been turning heads in the local scene for the passed few months. First developed towards the end 2017, they started making waves with the release of their first single “Rise & Fall’ on the 20th of September, and then playing their first show at The Narrow album launch on the 29th of September, alongside Undertone and Held On Till May. The band was also endorsed by New Hope Clothing right off the bat. I Believe In Giants consist of members from various other local acts, such as City of Heroes, Straatligkinders, Held On Till May and I AM. With this talented line up of members, its no wonder they’ve had such great start.

Underoath – ‘On My Teeth’ Single Review