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Temples On Mars SA Tour – Interview

Temples On Mars SA Tour – Interview


Temples On Mars are gracing our shores very very soon!!
They will be kicking their tour off in Cape Town and PE this weekend, and Joburg and Pretoria next weekend and we simply can’t wait!

We had a little chat to the guys about their upcoming tour, and we hope you guys chuckle a little, I know I did!



Hi guys! We spoke to you guys a few months ago, we’re super excited to see that you’ll be coming to tour South Africa!

First things first, Daz and Gerald, the two of you are originally from South Africa! How do guys feel about coming back and touring with Temples On Mars? Are you guys excited to show the other two what a REAL braai is like?

T.O.M: Super excited! We’re halfway through winter here so a braai in the sunshine is exactly what we need, even if the other two don’t know that they need it.


We like the sound of that!



Have you guys had a chance to listen to any of the local SA acts who will be supporting you? If so, what do you think of them?

T.O.M: Of course! We had actually heard some of them before the tour was put together. Gerald and Daz listened to Lithium waaaaay back, we caught Deity’s Muse when they were in UK last year, and through our work with Plug Music Agency we had heard Dirty Moonshine. Gerald managed to catch Black Moscow last time he was out in SA. We have checked out all the bands, the standard is great, and we are looking forward to rocking out with all these guys.


Oh awesome, we can’t wait for you to check them all out!



Which of your songs do you most enjoy playing live? And which do you find to be the trickiest?

T.O.M: “Gods & Kings” and “Make No Bones” are always firm favourites for a live jam. For the trickiest “How Far Will You Go” is deceptively difficult as it has a lot of subtleties and dynamics that is sometimes hard to nail in a loud live setting and it has some off kilter timing in one or two places.



How did your UK tour go in September? Did anything interesting happen?

T.O.M: The tour was really good, it helped us to get out there and also made us tighter as a unit. We had some interesting experiences – some which shouldn’t be put into writing. In one venue we had to store our gear in an actual toilet and we did manage to rack up a decent amount of traffic fines and parking tickets.


Hahaha that’s crazy!



The last time we spoke, Gerald told us he liked to read books, any specific genres? Who is your favourite author?

T.O.M: Haha! Nerd alert.. Um this is like asking for your favourite band, ultimately, if you are interested in something you will explore it to its entirety resulting in such a varied selection that it ceases to be about favourites and much more about experiencing the largest quantity you can.

Books are a coming together of knowledge and art. Some months I yearn for more art, less knowledge, some months I crave knowledge and I go light on the art etc..

So I can’t give you a favourite author or genre but I’ll give the last book that made me sit up straight – Farewell Kabul by Christina Lamb. Her memoirs about being a war correspondent in Afghanistan/Pakistan since the 1980’s are fascinating.


That sounds really interesting! Will definitely give it a read!



James and Dean, aside from the things you’ve heard from Daz and Gerald, what are you expecting to see or learn when you arrive in SA?


Dean: I am expecting to see a beautiful country surrounded by beautiful accents everywhere.

James: Expecting to get eaten by a lion and investigate if the All Blacks really were poisoned in the 1995 rugby world cup.


I guess you’ll have to wait and see?



We hope they’ve taught you some handy Afrikaans words to use during your time here? 😉


Dean:Bier asseblief

James: Lekker. Braai. Biltong.


Very handy words indeed!!



Have you guys come up with any cool touring traditions?

T.O.M: We take an alien with us. We also seem to have a routine of a beer or two during/after soundcheck.


Do you guys have any plans after the SA Tour?

T.O.M: If we don’t get eaten by lions we will return to the UK for more shows including Wintersend festival in March which has some kick ass bands like Reef and Massive Wagons.


Hahaha sounds awesome!



Do you guys have any advice for SA based bands who’d like to get their music to a broader spectrum of listeners worldwide?

T.O.M: Don’t rush. Get your product down before you go looking for labels, booking agents etc. Once you have taken care of that then look for people who can help you – PR company or management.


That’s some solid advice!



Last one, what is the coolest experience you’ve had as a band?

T.O.M: It sounds very cheesy but playing music you love with your mates around the world is pretty cool!


Thank you so much for taking the time to have a chat with us ahead of your tour! We are super excited for it! See you soon!


If you haven’t got your tickets already, get them here





Interview by – Tanika Coulson


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