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Windrunner – Interview

Windrunner – Interview


So just as a starter, who all is WINDRUNNER as far as the members go?

– We are 

– Duong Bui – Vocals

– Trung Ton – Guitar

– Nam Dao – Guitar

– Hieu Nguyen – Bass

– David Hudd – Drums

What brought you all together for doing music, specifically this genre?

– Honestly it’s just what we love to do, playing the music we love. Besides, we’ve been playing music together for years -we have known each other since we started playing in different bands, back in the days- and Windrunner‘s sound is just a part of our natural progression with sound and our love for heavy music.

Where did the name WINDRUNNER come from?

– We took inspirations from a character from a video game we all played called Defense of the Ancients, a game based on the Warcraft universe. We don’t have time to play it much anymore but the game still holds a special meaning for us.

What are some of your influences for your music?

– We all listen to various types of music, from blues, to extreme metal styles. Some of us like to go heavy, and jam to some Cannibal Corpse, while others enjoy some good Pop Punk, or even some RnB  and Post-Hardcore. We like to blend our own preferences with the original style of the band to make as much of an original sound as possible.

Being a metal band fronted by a female lead is something that doesn’t happen all too often, at least, not nearly as much as bands fronted by male leads do. Do you feel that your band will maybe inspire other females to start music of their own in this genre?

– What really matters to us is having fun playing what we love, however, if that happens, and we make a difference, or inspire someone to pick up an instrument, then by all means, it’s even better. That wasn’t the goal when we started the band, but we certainly hope so. There is so much talent in Vietnam and throughout the world that has yet to be found because of certain perceptions about heavy music and gender, so we hope that with our music we can inspire others to step out and create their own original art. 

What are some of your current goals with your music?

– We always try to expand our musical abilities and write better music with each release. Also, we plan to expand as much as possible into the international scene and try to get some exposure abroad, so that in the future we can play music for people all around the world. Europe, Australia, Japan? You guys are next on the list.

From what I understand, you’re currently in Vietnam, what’s the music scene like for your genre in that area? Do you feel it will be any different in America?

– In Vietnam, the alternative/heavy scene is very young. But it is rapidly growing, yet still nowhere near the size of the American or European scene. We still have a long way to go to actually “compete” with those crowds. It’s fair to say that we have as much scene in our entire country that just one state has in the US. The infrastructure (resources, venues, etc) is not as supportive of alternative music. But we’re getting there, and it’s a constant work in progress!

How did you become affiliated with Famined Records?

– We were approached by Famined Records back at the end of Summer, roughly, and it’s been an honour working with such kind people willing to take a chance with a Vietnamese band. We exchanged messages and had been chatting for a while, showing them our music and brainstorming some ideas about the album release, before we pulled the trigger and decided to go ahead and sign. We are proud to be a part of the Famined Records roster!

What are your hopes for WINDRUNNER?

– We just want to play what we love to play, and show the world what Vietnam has to offer. We’d love to be able to tour the world, or at the very least, get out of our country and be able to bring our music to more and more people, while doing what we love.

Do you have anything you’d like to tell people who will soon be introduced to your music?

– Our full-length album titled “Mai” just came out on Famined Records so do check us out! 

We’ve put a lot of passion and time into making our music, and we hope that you will like and support us so that we can continue and spread throughout the world! 

Thank you!




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