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straatligkinders – Interview

straatligkinders – Interview


First things first, how does it feel to officially be back after 4 years? Did you guys miss being the Straatligkinders?
Honestly and obviously, it feels fantastic! We have that youthful feeling back about being in a band…but this time around we are older and wiser (or so we think) and we will be more strategic about our approach towards the industry.

You released a new album recently called “Verdwyn”, and I know your sound changed a little, did that have an impact on how your album was received?
Yes it definitely did, though I did not expect so much ambition towards “Verdwyn”. The comment I get the most is “it is a little different from the old stuff, but the album is really good”, so people are getting used to the change. It has been 12 years since we started the band, if we had the exact same sound we would stagnate in our capabilities as songwriters and then there would be no point in taking part in the industry at all.

What made you guys decide to come back?
Bouwer brought the idea to the table and it just felt right to everyone that we make another album, we miss playing shows and it has been 5 years since the last album…it was needed that we release another album.

 Did you guys still hang out even though the band was technically broken up?
Yeh definitely! Me and Bouwer used to live together for a while after the band took a break. He lives in JHB now but we would get together for coffee when possible.Me and Ruan see each other on a weekly basis (we are twins so ja haha). Bennie is the only one still living in Potchefstroom, But luckily I get to stay over at his house every time I go to Potch, him and his wife always takes care of me when I’m there.

You guys have your first live show in 6 years happening this Saturday, the 24th of November at Platteland… how do you feel about that? A little nervous?

 Ja no I am super nervous haha, but I am much more excited so its going to be a great evening. We have been rehearsing non stop to get the new songs down and refresh the old ones! It’s going to be a very special show…

Do any of you guys have weird backstage preshow rituals?
Hmmm….myself and Bennie would just stretch a lot before the set, but nothing other than that, we are the most boring people in rock and roll 🤓

Who’s the weirdest person in the band and why?
Bouwer, most definitely…He doesn’t eat avocado…

Are there more shows in the scope next year?
Yes plenty! Not allowed to announce most of them now…but keep a eye out on our facebook page, we will be heading to Western Cape and Free State early in 2019.

What are your dreams for this band?
For me, I want us to be the most active band in the country…it is going to be tricky because the we all have day jobs and some of us are married, and also the industry is not what it used to be, but we are going to do this whole heartedly.

Final question, if there’s one thing you can tell our readers to expect from die straatligkinders what will it be?
We are here to melt your faces with our signature death pop sokkie core…

…and also, go get our latest album “Verdwyn” <3

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me Hein, best of luck to you and the rest of the guys. Catch Straatligkinders at Platteland Centurion this Saturday the 24th of November for some lekker music.

Tickets available on quicket.



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