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Our Last Night – Interview

Our Last Night – Interview


After touring SA last year, what are you most looking forward to this time around?

OLN: We are definitely looking forward to tons of things headed back to SA. The shows are going to be insane, so that is something we are definitely anxious for. The country of SA of one of the most beautiful places in the world so we cant wait to come back and do some more exploring.

Before you came here last year, were there any preconceived notions you had about South Africa? Any funny stereotypes you’d heard about?

OLN: Not really. The only things we really hear about SA here in the US is all the movies (District 9, Chappie) stuff like that. So we were very interested to see how everything is really like in South Africa. It completely blew our minds. We love it there.

What is your favourite thing about SA?

OLN: The Animals.

Your shows last year were absolutely incredible, what can fans expect this time around?

OLN: They can expect an even better version of what they saw last time. We have worked very hard over the past few years to be able to put on an even better live show. I think it is finally where we want it to be. Its fun, energetic, emotional… Our fans will love it.

How do you guys go about converting pop songs into your own style? What is your process like?

OLN: We usually break it down part by part. Start with the chorus, make sure it sounds right then re-work the rest of the song. At this point it becomes a natural process for us. It is just very important that we pick the correct song from the start to make it easier on us to re-work

What do you guys like to do when you’re not touring?

OLN: My brother Matt and I are married with kids, so spending as much family time as possible is very important to us. Other than that, we are in our studio/offices working a normal workweek 9-6 Monday-Friday. As a band that has no record label, management, publicist etc.. It is 100% up to us to make sure our band continues to grow. It becomes a lot of work.

Who were your biggest musical inspirations?

OLN: They range so much, but anywhere from Foo Fighters to Good Charlotte to Justin Bieber to old metal bands we used to listen back in the day.

What advice do you have for upcoming bands who are hoping to get to where you guys are in your career?

OLN: Stay at it, work hard, try and learn to do everything yourself. The biggest downfall of hiring on other people is that you are waiting on their time for things to get done. If you learn things such as video, recording, marketing, photoshop, you yourself can do everything you need. Content is the most important thing, you need to release it constantly.

What prompted the move to Nashville?

OLN: A lot of things. Mostly a family decision but the music scene is great out here as well.

I have found that most musicians are major nerds, so I have some nerdy questions for you guys:

Star Wars or Star Trek?

OLN: We aren’t too nerdy really. We are big Sports guys but I will answer these as best as I can. Star Wars

Harry Potter or Lord Of The Rings?

OLN: I used to be LOTR, but my wife just made me watch all the Harry Potter movies… SO I guess Harry Potter

Marvel or DC?

OLN: Marvel

PC or Console? And which games are your favourite?

OLN: Console. I don’t play video games ever but if I did it would be between Call Of Duty and Madden

We asked some of your SA fans if they had any questions for you guys, here are a few of them:

From Carl Dos Santos: What was your favourite experience visiting SA in 2017, and what do you hope to do when you get here in November?

OLN: We loved exploring up in the bush and we definitely can’t wait to do that again.

From Brandon Render: What Afrikaans words do you understand or did you learn when you were here last year?

OLN: It has been so long so we will need you to refresh our memories Brandon!

From Armand Havenga: What is your favourite cover that you guys have done?

OLN: ‘With Or Without You’ by U2 was personally my favorite

From Alicia Breytenbach: Have you guys decided which South African cover you want to do?

OLN: We have not yet!

Finally, from Craig Atkinson: How does Trevor do his hair?

OLN: You’ll never know Craig!

Thanks once again for taking the time to chat to us, we are super excited for the tour in November! Travel Safely and we’ll see you soon!

Interview by Tanika Coulson


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