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You,Me And The Harmony – Interview

You,Me And The Harmony – Interview


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What was your reaction like when you were announced for Our Last Night in Johannesburg?
We were ecstatic! We had watched them the last time they came to South Africa, so we knew the scale of event we were getting into, and how big the opportunity is.
Are you guys big OLN fans?
We’re huge Our Last Night fans! We’ve been listening to them since we were young!
What can fans expect from your set on the 9th of November at Carfax?
We have a high energy set lined up, with a few special surprises sprinkled in there. Many of which will be a once off thing for the OLN shows.
You guys have also been announced for the second CT show, how does it feel to be playing two of the four shows for the tour?
We feel very honored, this will be our first show in Cape Town and we are excited to experience the music scene there as well as sharing our music in a new province.
What are you most looking forward to for the tour?
We’re excited to play along side our friends and bands which we are huge fans of locally and internationally!
Did you guys watch the OLN show last year?
Yes, we did! They were incredible! The standard of performance that OLN fans can expect is on a new level.
What is your favourite OLN song?
We definitely have more than a couple but our top 3 would be ‘White Tiger, ‘Road to the Throne’ and ‘Across the Ocean’.
Which of the local bands are you most excited for?
We’re excited for all of the local bands! We’ve played alongside all of them before and we have some incredible home grown talent.
We see that you guys have been doing some cool colloborations with other bands that form part of the tour line-up, how did those come about? And which has been your favourite?
We wanted to create some camaraderie between the local bands. It has been such a fun experience. All of which have been completely different. Our favorite part has been getting to know the other bands a lot better.
We see that you’ll also be having some guests on stage with you at both shows, are you excited? What can fans expect to see from these vocalists?
That we’ll keep a bit of a surprise! It’s going to be a once off thing where fans will need to get their OLN tickets and experience it all live.
Thanks so much for taking the time to chat to us! We can’t wait for your set on Friday!
Interview By Tanika Coulson
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