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Southern Wild – Interview

Southern Wild – Interview


Where did the name ‘Southern Wild’ come from, and what made you decide on it?

Dave had a dream one night where he was walking through a crowd at a festival and some dude stopped him, asking if I was the guy from “Southern Wild”. At one stage were deciding between the names “Nokota” or “Southern Wild”. Both cool names, but and the latter just felt right.

How did the band come about? 

Dave and Dylan had jammed together in previous bands from Johannesburg. Dyl ended up moving to Cape Town where he met up with our original lead guitarist, Julian, in a band called The Stir. Once Dave move down, he, Dyl and Julian played the first Southern Wild show together with Julian on Bass. We felt we needed more so Alex joined on bass and Julian moved to his natural position on lead guitar. Julian has since left the band to take on various other projects, but we were lucky enough to find our unicorn, MJ. Finally there was a good-looking oke in the band.

what facts can you tell us about the band members that people might not know?

Dave and Dylan are brother-in-laws.

MJ is an uncle.

Our album, Lead Role In a Classic Horror, has been streamed over a million times.

Dylan was born with one nipple. Really.

Do you have a favorite particular show you have played? 

One of our favourites was opening for Incubus. We were terrified, excited and aroused all at the same time.

You guys recently played your first Krank’D Up Music Festival how was the show?

Krank’d Up was a fantastic show for us. We felt quite privileged to share the stage with such amazing local acts, as well as monster international acts like Sikth and Miss May I. It was a little intimidating being smack bang between 2 Metal “heavy weights” like Truth and It’s Burden and Facing the Gallows. But we just did what we do, and enjoyed doing it!

In  Your opinion how different are shows in JHB compared to Cape Town 

We have quite a decent following in Cape Town seeing as though it is our home town. But David and Dylan have massive networks in JHB having lived in Krugersdorp for as long as they have, so Joburg shows are always a bit of a “reunion” with our close

friends supporting! We do want to be doing more regular shows in JHB, so watch this space…

What are you guys currently up to? What can we expect in the near future?

We are writing our follow up album to “Lead Role in a Classic Horror” and will be in studio November and most of December. We want to push ourselves to the next level in 2019 and want to turn our sights overseas. We will also be announcing some fantastic news in the very near future too. 2019 will be a big one for Southern Wild for sure…

Who is your favourite local band?

There’s no one favourite, but here are a few:

-Bam Bam Brown; Hellcats; Stoker; Brynn; Manny Walters; Shadowclub.

You recently were picked to be playing with the legendary ‘The Cure’ on their first South African tour in 2019, how did you guys feel when you were asked to play?

-We were in complete disbelief. Dylan worked with Andy Mac through Mars Music, so was very happy to receive that call. Andy wouldn’t say who the international act was, and made our manager sign an NDA, so we as a band had no idea who it was until the day before the announcement. We know it’s going to be big, so we feel extremely honoured to be chosen as part of the awesome local line up at both the Joburg and Cape Town shows. Again, 2019 will be huge for Southern Wild if things keep going the way they are…

What can we expect in the near future?

…A fuck-ton of music and the most energetic live shows EVER.

Do you guys have any new music in the works? 

We’re about to head back into the studio. We’re busy writing our 2nd album, so hopefully there’ll be some new tunes out soon. As long as we breath, there will be new music. Trust us.

For someone who hasn’t been to a Southern Wild show before what can they expect? 

It is a collectively, soulful, rock n’ roll, intense, energetic, tearful, almost scary, but beautifully comforting, bloody epic communal hug of epic muscial porportion. But we leave you wanting more…

Any final words? 

Give us a follow or a like on all social media platforms and start engaging with us. Also, don’t be a dick and support your local bands…


Interview By Lee Steele Swalwell


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