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Hellcats – Interview

Hellcats – Interview


Do you mind starting with a quick 101 on who Hellcats are? Where in SA are you from and how did you get started in the music scene?
Hellcats are a loud, obnoxious, offensive, potty mouthed, two piece, sif rock n roll band from Johannesburg. We got started because we were basically bored to fucking death with our day jobs and we needed a creative outlet. We were in another 4 piece band together before Hellcats and Alessandro and I connected over our love for the same music and started messing around with the two piece thing. Eventually our other band became less of a jol and more mission than it was worth so we decided to ditch that band and have the time of our lives with Hellcats. That’s the gist.

What are some of your musical influences?
Led Zep, Sabbath, Death from above 1979, QOTSA, Arctic Monkeys and The Carpenters, Motherfucker.

You guys recently played the Blood Brothers shows what was that like?
It was a trip. We both kept looking at eachother every now and then, going “what the fuck is actually happening here”- we got to hang out and play some of our favorite songs with some of our biggest local heroes. It was for a great cause too (the vrede foundation) which was cool for us because we’re always up to no fucking good, so it was rad to do some good. Apart from that we opened both shows and got to play our music to some new people, which we always dig.
 What has been some of the best highlights of this year?
Blood Brothers was fucking mind blowing. Then OppiKoppi this year was too dope, we almost broke the fucking top bar. We also stumbleD onto a main stage prime time slot at Mieliepop and we blew the tits off that fest. Opening for  internationals Incubus, DZ Deathrays and Seether were also fuckin surreal, man. I can’t lie, we’ve had some good times this year. Fuck.

What are your thoughts of our local music scene at the moment?
The music that’s coming out of of this country is fucking great. People just need to get the fuck out there and support though.  If I see one more twat moaning online about how there are no good bands anymore, or how the Koppi line up is kak or blah blah blah, I’m gonna puke. For the scene to grow, people need to get off their phones and laptops and get out there and watch some god damn bands.

You guys are playing with The Cure in 2019 are you guys excited what can people expect from your set?
We are. And we are fucking grateful and amped AF. We’ll have a new album out by then so we’ll probably have a few new tracks to play. Also our friend Shane Forbes from Pestroy will be joining us on bass for a few tracks which we’re psyched about. other that that I guess people can expect a good time.

Any songs you looking forward to hear from The Cure on their South African tour?
Lullaby and A Forrest – I might weep.

Anything exciting you guys currently are working on?
We’re almost finished our first full length album which we’re super proud of, so there’s that. We’re also shooting a few music videos to go with that. Good times.

Recently Warwick was in studio doing a collaboration with Go The Rodeo can you tell us about that?
Ah man, that was really cool for me. Corne from Go the Rodeo is a good pal of Hellcats and when he asked me to collaborate on one of their tracks I was fuckin stoked. I threw a filthy riff on a beautiful track of theirs called ‘never c your face again’. That band is destined for big things and they should be huge in the near future so go and catch them ASAP.

Thanks for the chat any final words?
Lay off the bath salts, kids


Interview by Lee Steele Swalwell



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