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OneDaySky – Interview

OneDaySky – Interview


So it’s been a few years since we last chatted, what’s new?

Darren’s been saving the Galaxy. Eric has been filming and doing promo for his up and coming film, AQUAMAN. Clint has been making magic.JP has been eating chicken wings. Matt has been playing biltong festivals. But other than that, we’ve been getting things ready for all the shows we have coming up. Recording the new songs, getting our live rig tour ready. So there’s new music coming up.

After you came back from a hiatus you guys completely revamped your sound how did that come about?

We just wanted to play what we wanted to play and a style that makes us amped and happy. Before, we wrote music that we wanted to try out. But since then, we’ve just fallen in love with a sound and style that we all enjoy listening to so why not.

This past week you were selected to play with Dreamshade on their second tour down here how are you guys feeling about that? 

We’re super excited! We supported them on their previous SA Tour and thanks to the guys at Plug Music Agency, we get to support them again. They were such rad dudes to hang with, play shows with and party! We cannot wait to have them in SA again!

Star Wars or Star Trek?


Is there any word on a new album we could expect?

All you can expect is new music. It is coming… We’ve been saying this forever but we’re in studio recording everything so it’s coming.

Later this month you guys get to play the JHB leg of the I See Stars South African tour, are you guys stoked I’m sure all of you are big fans of them?

I SEE STARS are one of our utmost favourite bands who have had a major influence on our sound. So we actually cannot express our amped we were when we got asked to support. So thanks to RAM and BROCHELLA! It’s going KICK ASS!!!

For someone who has never been to a OneDaySky show give us a small description what a OneDaySky show is like?

Come to a show and find out. It’ll be fun!

We also hear you guys did some filming for a new music video any idea when we get to see it?

It will be released with the new track we’re dropping before the OUR LAST NIGHT SA TOUR.

This November you will be playing in Cape Town a sold out show for the our Last Night tour what can the Cape Town expect this time on their South African tour

No Colin with OLN 🙁 but one killer show from the dudes! They’ve been crushing  all over and cannot wait to see the new songs live. We also have some redemption as our last CPT show didn’t go as planned due to technical issues, so we’re coming in full force to give Cape Town what we couldn’t during the FFAK SA TOUR.

Thank you guys so much for taking the time to do this interview with us, any final words? 

Keep a look out for new music. Follow us on social media to keep updated and witness our antics. Support local bands, we have a wealth of talent here. Thanks for the interview, see you at the next show 🙂


Interview By Lee Steele Swalwell



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