Home Game Review Boet Fighter – Comic Con Africa “Beta” first Thoughts
Boet Fighter – Comic Con Africa “Beta” first Thoughts

Boet Fighter – Comic Con Africa “Beta” first Thoughts


So those in the know might have heard about a new game in the works by Reality Check and Robot Wizard – Boet Fighter. The minds behind this entertaining truly South African game, released a beta version to the public at SA’s first ever Comic Con this past weekend.
We couldn’t wait to give the demo a go – especially because it was installed on an old-school arcade machine. The story goes as follows: Hard Eddy goes for a jol at Billy the Boets (Yes this is most likely a Billy the Bums parody), and catches a lekker binnet (pretty girl) in his sights, he turns away, and when he turns back, some Boet has stolen his binnet. He is now on the offensive and moers his way through any Boet he comes across
The controls are pretty simple. You can kick, punch, block and move around the area. Once you’re rawling with a Boet, you can start klapping them with some sick combos. One of these cool combos, is jumping on the phone and getting a whole bunch of your Boets to help you take down a boet that’s giving you trouble.
Once you have klapped them all into next week, you can move on to the next section where there are even bigger Boets, with pool cues sommer, that you must moer before they moer you. You can hit them in the tits with pool cues and when you knock them out, they drop their protein shakes, which we have been informed that in the full game, this gives you a huge power boost which allows you to klap the okes harder. 
Hard Eddy’s character is voiced by the well-known Gord Laws, a local voice-over artist and radio personality, who is perfect for the role. Schweet, ek sê.
The demo only took 3 months to make, and we were lank impressed by how much has been achieved in such a short amount of time.
So there are our thoughts on the beta – we will post more info about the game release date once we know all the details. In the meantime, go like their Facebook page to keep up to date with info, polls, merch and more!


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