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Truth & Its Burden Interview – Slay Or Die Tour

Truth & Its Burden Interview – Slay Or Die Tour


Johannesburg’s Hardcore veterans TRUTH & ITS BURDEN bring their A-game this summer when they team up with SA’s finest in pop punk, MADE FOR BROADWAY to bring you the SLAY OR DIE TOUR.

Kicking off this September, the tour sees both bands performing in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria, playing alongside a string of amazing support bands like VeladracoBottom FeederBehestCodesRed HelenDirty MoonshineDeity’s Muse and many more. Spiced with cocktail mix of great punk rock, hardcore, metal and rock & roll, this tour is bound for slaying glory!


Hey guys! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat to us! The Slay Or Die Tour starts towards the end of September! We are super excited for you guys!

Have you guys played any of the venues before?

We’ve been fortunate enough to play a good few of these venues yeah, but for Cape Town it’s all new to us. ROAR closed down and opened up TrenchTown, so we’re excited to see what Antonio has done with the place, and then of course a total newcomer with The Black Irish, which is in an area I don’t think we’ve ever played before, so yeah much to be stoked on!


What prompted the tour collaboration with Made For Broadway?

On our USA tour a couple years ago we toured with a band The Sheds, and honestly it was the best time ever. We weren’t remotely punk back then and the two styles just worked well together. We’d asked the Made For Broadway dudes a while ago already and everyone was down, so we thought let’s do this. Essentially hardcore is a derivative of punk rock, so really – it’s a no brainer. We also have a more punk influenced faster sound these days, so we’re beyond stoked to be doing this tour.


What are you guys most excited for about the tour?

The hang outs, the long drives and just sharing time with all the guys. There’s so much you can learn from other bands and just exchanging ideas and sharing experiences, it’s gonna be a load of fun. I think the shows will definitely be an extension of the fun we’re sharing as dudes on tour together.


How exhausted do you think you’ll be when the tour comes to an end? Or is this something you guys are used to?

Probably a little, but mostly everyone is used to the grind. There are some long drives here and there which will probably kill us a little but yeah, we’ll survive!


You guys will also be playing Krank’d Up inbetween, how excited are you guys for Miss May I and Sikth?

Super stoked for Krank’d Up this year. It’s our first time on the main stage for the festival and we’re really excited to throw it down this year. It’s always a huge honour to share the stage with such high profile bands such as Sikth and Miss May I, so yeah it goes without saying – this is going to be one for the books!


What were your reactions when you were first announced?

Appreciated. You can’t help but feel like your music is making an impact when you get a main stage slot on such a rad festival – and appreciated is a really rewarding feeling.


Which of the two internationals are you most excited for?

I think Miss May I will really have an incredible show for us, so I’m riding on them being the band I enjoy most this year.


For the tour, do you guys travel to Cape Town by car? If so, what do you guys do to pass the time, or curb the boredom?

We travel in a van, all of us together. It’s just keeps a good vibe alive, laughs and feels kickin all the way. We mainly just chat about experiences we’ve had, or what’s happening in life. It’s always a treat to hear how much Matthew loves his fiancé Monique hahaha. We don’t really get bored as much as we maybe get sore from sitting for so long…


Do any of your members have any funny quirks you’ve learnt about while on tour before?

Other than Matt talking your ears off about Monique – not really hahaha. I know I get pretty fowl mouthed around my dudes so we’re usually all laughing at guy’s stuff I guess. Everyone has their flavour to add to that mix.


Following on the above, which of the band members are the most entertaining on tour? Why?

I guess that depends on each person’s perspective but my humour and analogies get pretty severe, depending on your sense of humour you’re either laughing your face off or hoping for the ride to end sooner haha.


It sounds like a super fun time! Thanks once again for taking the time to chat to us, we are super excited for the tour and hope all goes well!







Interview by Tanika Coulson


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