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Truth & Its Burden tell us about their recent tour and upcoming shows!


Johannesburg hardcore veterans Truth & Its Burden have recently returned from their Iron & Fire Tour. The tour spanned across all major South African cities in support of their recent 2017 I Labour full length release.

The Iron & Fire Tour featured support throughout the country from the likes of; Facing The Gallows, Red Helen, Bottom Feeder, Write-Off, Life Below, With Dawn, 13th Empire, A Fate Like Yours, Blood Ret and Thorns Of Ivory.

We spoke to the band about their tour and their upcoming shows, check it out below!



Hi guys! Thanks so much for taking the time to have a chat with us! Let’s get started!

(Answered by vocalist Ashley)


Where did the name ‘Truth And Its Burden’ come from?

The name is an adaptation of a Hope Conspiracy song, “Youth & Its Burden”. We were looking for band names and I started checked out song titles as an idea when the Hope Con jam came up, we did a swopsy and gave birth to something new.



How did the band come about?

Prior to TAIB there was Unwritten Friday and The Halo Effect. Long story short, The Halo Effect needed a frontman and I was looking for something new, so decided to leave Unwritten Friday to join the Halo dudes and we changed the name to create a fresh start.



You guys just finished a local tour, what was it like? How are the other venues compared to Joburg? Which would you recommend to other bands?

Our recent “Iron & Fire” tour was really great, well received across all the shows we played. Outta the 6 shows, 3 of the shows saw us playing in venues we’d never seen before – Surfarosa (Cape Town), Aandklas (Pretoria) and The Hive (Ballito). I gotta say we really had a good time at these venues, more so the Surfarosa show which for us was definitely a tour highlight. The venue is a work of art and the whole vibe there is killer.



Did you guys learn anything new or annoying about your fellow band members?

Long drives are all about learning new things about your dudes or just having timeless conversations about experiences we’ve shared. This tour was our new bassist Sean’s debut run with us and it was a great opportunity for us to get to know him a bit better and also just have him get to feel us out fully as a band. There’s nothing really annoying about anyone (I don’t think), unless they’re annoyed with me and they’re not saying anything hahaha.

For the most part I think everyone is pretty chilled and we just enjoy general discussions and good conversation about stuff we enjoy and find meaning and love in.



You guys are set to play with ‘Fit For A King’ at the end of June, how excited are you? What was your reaction when you found out?

We’re definitely excited about the tour. It’s been a while since we’ve shared the stage with a rad international band. We didn’t leap for joy or fist pump each other or anything like that, but yeah we were generally stoked and excited for the shows ahead. I think every band playing probably feels as stoked as we do. They’re a great band, and they’ve got a solid discography of really good heavy albums, I think they’re gonna crush audiences at these shows.



You’ve also recently been announced to play Krank’d Up Music Festival alongside Miss May I and SikTh, do you ever feel like it’s all a dream?

The fact that you’re able to write and perform music live is a dream come true for any musician. I guess to some extent the wow factor wears off over the years doing it, but there are tons of pockets over your career that shine brightly, playing Krank’d Up is definitely one of them. We’re really grateful for this opportunity as this affords us just more time to live that dream you know, so yeah it’s a great feeling.



You guys also have a new member, how’s that going? How have the dynamics of the band changed since his arrival?

Sean is a great guy. He’s got such a kind a humble nature to be honest and it’s weird in a way because the 3 main bassists we’ve had in our band have all had those qualities. Must be a bassist thing haha, but it’s fully wild how similar their personality qualities are as people, it’s really cool.


I’ll say that Sean has added an injection of energy into the band since he joined and it’s been a cool thing to experience, but also a cool thing to see him experience his first band.



Tell us about your coolest experience, and your weirdest one. On stage as well as off?

Coolest onstage experience was probably playing at Brutal Assault Festival in Czech Republic on our last European tour. We’ve never had such an incredible response from an audience at the most least expected time, it was surreal actually. I think I was actually in tears on stage it was that cool.

One of the memorable off stage cool moments would probably be having drinks with some of the guys from The Ghost Inside when they tour SA a couple years ago. We were staying at a mates place in Blouberg, Cape Town but we all walked to this pub while the sun was up. By the time the night was done for, we could not remember the way home and it was quite a fun long winded walk home. Some of the guys got home so late that the next morning’s Shark Cage Diving experience for TGI almost never happened.



Who is your favourite local band?

There are a few bands we really enjoy: Fuzigish, Slashdogs, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Poverty Of Ideals, Bottom Feeder, Made For Broadway, Facing The Gallows. There are probably a few more we dig, these just come to mind easily.



Finally, what facts can you tell us about the band members that people might not know?

In regards to the above story about drinks with The Ghost Inside, I started my night by drinking red wine, and had the unfortunate luck when a guy bumped into me, spilling this red wine all over a brand new white shirt. I was quite a serious guy back then in general and pretty hard on the guys in the band… Anyways, I let loose a little that night and one of them ended up giving me the eternal (one of many) nickname of “The Red Hulk”. Very few people know that story…


Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us!

Check out their social media pages to see where they are next!








Interview by Tanika Coulson


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