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Nyota Drops Astounding Debut EP ‘Purification  Project’

Nyota Drops Astounding Debut EP ‘Purification Project’


Nyota is a storyteller, rapper, vocalist, songwriter, composer, hip-hop and jazz artist.

18 year old Nyota has been passionate about music since the age of 4.

Born and partly raised in Dublin, Ireland, and Cape Town, South Africa. Her mother is from Congo and father is English/Irish.

The mixture sure has resulted in sassiness and passion beyond her years and she dreams of becoming an internationally known Hip-hop/Jazz artist, which is quickly becoming her reality.

She’s just recently released her debut EP Purification Project

Nyota’s music is all about breaking the boundaries of society and the typicality of the world. Seeing the world through your 3rd eye. Seeing how society is tricking us and how we really need to open our eyes and minds to the government, standards (obvious or not), friends and all. How to set your own trends and push the system and to not conform to the world and its system.


Watch the music video for her track Free Us

Listen to the latest radio single Energy


“Nyota, will have you asking yourself retrospective questions about what you were doing when you were that age but once the music steals your train of thought you’ll soon find yourself in another world of pure joy as you listen to her. “  Slikour on Life

“The 17-year-old rapper, singer, and songwriter’s sound balances somewhere on the periphery of trap, jazz, and boombap that Nyota likes to call ‘Trazz.’ “ I-D Magazine

At 17, Nyota, has the charisma and skill of artists 10 years her senior.” Live SA Magazine


“Imagine the sickest soul sample over bass heavy trap drums and a machine gun flow and you’re close to getting an idea of what Nyota Parker’s sound is all about.”  Channel 24




Photograph by Imraan Christian


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