Home Music Interviews Fit For A King’s ‘Ryan Kirby’ talks about their upcoming SA tour
Fit For A King’s ‘Ryan Kirby’ talks about their upcoming SA tour

Fit For A King’s ‘Ryan Kirby’ talks about their upcoming SA tour


A couple weeks ago, Jam Packed Productions announced that Texan metalcore heavy weights, Fit For A King would be doing a little South African tour, and fans went nuts! With only a few weeks to go until the tour, we had a little chat with vocalist Ryan Kirby about the upcoming tour, what fans can expect from their set and any funny things they may have heard about our dear South Africa. Find the interview below..


Hi guys! My name is Tanika Coulson from Reaper Magazine in South Africa.. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us!

First things first, where did the name Fit For A King come from?

From the book of James in the Bible. Thought it had a nice ring to it, not any cool meaning or anything.


And you guys started the band in 2007 if I’m not mistaken? How have your lives changed since joining the band?

I joined in 2010 when FFAK was still a local band, and my life has changed drastically. I went from being a full time college student who was broke, to a full time musician that owns a house now (but was broker a long time still before then).


Have any of you guys ever had a fan-girl moment? If so, with who?

I personally haven’t really had one quite yet. The closest I got was probably talking to Matt Wentworth from Our Last Night at Warped.


You guys recently toured with Miss May I and two other bands, what was that like? How did that come about?

We are good friends with the guys in MMI, so it was a blast, and that was a big reason the tour came about.


That’s awesome! What has been your favourite live performance experience?

Playing our hometown on our last headliner, it was insane.


And what was one of the weirdest things to have happened at a show?

We are fortunate to not have too many weird experiences, one guy was REALLY excited he broke his nose during our set, so I guess that’s a little odd.


Oh wow! That is a bit odd..

You released your latest album “Deathgrip” on the 7th of October in 2016, how have fans responded to it?

It has been by far the biggest release we have put out.


Your inspiration for the album was the unfortunate shooting in Paris in November of 2015, if I’m not mistaken.. That must have been a tough time as a band. What was the driving force that pushed you through it and got the album out?

Tragedy really brought the band closer together. It’s definitely made our band stronger.


That’s always good to hear! What are on the cards for the next year or two? Looks like there’s a new album in the works?

New album coming out at the end of the summer, and LOTS of touring,


We can’t wait to hear it! What can South African fans expect from your set?

Tons of energy, and BREAKDOWNS.


We love our breakdowns!

Now that we have the more serious questions out of the way..


Are you excited to come to South Africa? We know the Jam Packed Productions team will take great care of you!

Excited doesn’t even describe it, it’s like a vacation, and we cannot wait.


Will it be your first time visiting? If so, what are some of the funny/weird stereotypes you’ve heard about SA and its people?

It will! And fortunately, we haven’t heard anything about South Africa other than the shows are amazing and the wildlife is awesome.


You have heard correctly!

What advice do you have for up and coming SA bands who would like to get to where you are?

You have to grind hard and have fun. We invested a lot of time and money into this band before we ever saw any interest for a label, 5 years of it actually.


Most of the musicians that I know are huge nerds! So I’ve got some nerdy questions I’d like to ask to end off the interview.. DC or Marvel? And who is your favourite superhero?

I may had said DC in the past, but the new avengers was pretty awesome, and suicide squad was really bad. My favourite hero is Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine.


Star Wars or Star Trek?

Never watched any of Star Trek, so I have to go with Star Wars.


Last question, Console or PC? And which games are your favourite?

PC all day every day. My most played games are Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, League Of Legends, Hearthstone, and whatever horror game is out at the time


Thank you again for taking the time to speak with us, we are all so excited for your tour!

Fit For A King Tour dates:

28 June 2018 – Mercury Cape Town with support from As Time Divides / Atlantic South / Treehouse Burning / Truth & Its Burden / OneDaySky / A Fate Like Yours

29 June 2018 – Arcade Empire Pretoria with support from Truth & Its Burden / Facing The Gallows / OneDaySky / Riddlebreak / A Fate Like Yours

30 June 2018 – Sundowners Johannesburg with support from  Truth & Its Burden / Facing The Gallows / OneDaySky / Riddlebreak / A Fate Like Yours


Watch the official promo video here

Watch the video for Deathgrip

Tickets are R200 – R220 and available through www.webtickets.co.za

Interview by Tanika Coulson


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